Puerto Rico judge orders arrest of power company CEO



SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A Puerto Rico judge on Wednesday ordered the arrest of the CEO of Luma, the company that operates transmission and distribution of power in Puerto Rico, after he was accused of not submitting documents sought by legislators.

The judge said that while CEO Wayne Stensby had turned over a majority of documents that the island’s House of Representatives demanded, two requests were still pending.

The company had requested more time to turn over the documents, including receipts filed by employees, consultants and contractors and all communication between Stensby with any Puerto Rico government official, including text messages and emails.

“The truth is that (they) have had at a minimum 233 days or 5,592 hours to have copied all the information to the any digital format of their choice,” Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos of the Court of First Instance wrote in his order. “Unjustified delays cannot be sponsored or blessed by this Court. We consider them a mockery to our judicial system.”

The judge further wrote: “Nobody is above the Law. NOBODY.”

Luma spokeswoman Gloria Soltero did not immediately return a message for comment.


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